Individual Counseling

Mental Health ServicesProvides an opportunity for clients to address any personal challenges that are creating emotional distress. These issues may result in the client’s inability to meet their life goals such as finding the right mate, maintaining relationships, appropriately managing anger, effectively adjusting to life’s challenges, conquer depression, personal insecurities, exercising assertiveness, working through the devistation of past relationshipes, and etc…

For those ladies, who have lost themselves in their relationships past or current, and need to boost their self esteem, and find their voice again, this process can help you get back to where you used to be, or where you want to be.

The goal of  individual counseling  is to provide one on one assistance to help the client work through their challenges so that they can resume a productive life style that is geared toward a promising future. During this therapeutic process, the therapist makes a client specific assessment, and creates an individual treatment plan that focuses on the client’s desired goals. Completion of goals can lead to desired changes, and a healthy and happy existence.

Couples Counseling/Marital Counseling

Couples CounselingProvides an opportunity for the romantically involved to address emotional stress, or challenges within the relationship that creates emotional and physical distance, tension, frustration, fear, insecurity, and other maladaptive symptoms. Symptoms can ultimately lead to isolation, depression, and infidelity and end in a hurtful break up. Couples Counseling seeks to resolve conflicts that can faciliate a balanced happy relationship that is founded on healthy communication, love, trust, respect, and can therefore stand the test of time. Couples will learn communication techniques that are tailored to their significant other’s level of understanding. Marital Counseling addressess similar dynamics that Couples Counseling achieves, with the added focus on maintaining the institution of marriage.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital CounselingProvides healthy exploration of expectations, roles, goals, past lessons learned from family of origin, acceptance, self awareness, and etc.  HRCPI teaches couples the art of compromise, communication, and patience. We provide a realistic view of  the transition from single to married, and assist with the mental change that must occur prior to the ”I Do”.  The goal is to create a strong marriage that can stand up to the the ultimate challenges that life has to offer.  Military and Civilian Couples, who are entering into a “blended family” are strongly urged to participate in this process as their challenges are unique, and require a more in-depth approach.  All Couples will receive useable tools, and exercises that can be transferred to the homefront. This therapeutic process is typically short term (3 sessions), but can be tailored to the needs of the couple.

Family Counseling

Consists of counseling with two or more individuals within the same family unit. As therapy progresses, the family’s perspective is widened to see beyond the “identified client”, by looking at the functioning of the entire internal family’s interactions. In doing so, the family will learn about each member’s contribution to the problems within the unit, and to defocus on one specific family member. During this therapeutic process, the family addresses any issues that are causing an unhealthy imbalance in family relations. This imbalance may be derived from a variety of issues such as differences in parental discipline styles, adjusting to a new blended family, poor communication, sibling rivalry, etc..  During this therapeutic process, the therapist provides guidance, and develops family specific exercises, teaches tools that inspire improved family interactions and treatment plans that can bring about the shifting and changing of inflexible family roles, improving communication, and assists in restructuring the family . By doing so, familial dysfunction, and/or strain in the familial relationships will be reduced. The goal is to create a newly structured, balanced family unit that maintains a harmonious lifestyle.

Group Counseling

Group TherapyFocuses on a specific themes such as anger management, domestic violence, positive parenting, children of divorced parents, assertiveness training,  relationship issues, and etc..  During this therapeutic process, clients have an opportunity to meet peers that share similar challenges. These clients are able to pool together their own individual resources in order to bring about positive group changes. Changes can be transferred into their own personal lives. Group counseling allows those clients that may be more advanced in their treatment to assist their peers, while simultaneously building upon their own sense of self awareness, and confirming what they’ve learned in this therapeutic process. During this process, the therapist imparts guidance, skill and practical exercises to bring about the goal of positive change, and happy beginnings. Relationship groups geared toward Men or Women, military or civilian are available upon request. 


Focuses on decreasing sexual deviance, and dysfunction and improving overall mental health with a focus on decreasing risk of re-offense. Specialized education and skill development with a emphasis in cognitive behavior counseling modality will be highlighted in order to bring about positive changes that will contribute to healthy living. This program addresses cognitive distortions, assault cycle, victim empathy, genuine remorse, emotion management, and etc.. Individual sessions are available for special circumstances in conjunction with group process.

Business and Industry

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling Services
  • Workshops on Diversity, Conflict Management, Stress Management
  • Life Coaching: Career/Change in Career for Transitioning Military and Civilians

For business and industry needs, HRCPI provides Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services, specialized workshops, and seminars in order to improve the employee work-life experience leading to happier more invested, productive employees.

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